What is nBuildKit?

A collection of tools that provide an easy way to set-up a complete build, test and deployment for a (.NET) project.

Based on MsBuild

The build engine powering all of the .NET framework builds


Each build starts by removing the files that were generated in the last build so as to ensure that each build behaves exactly the same as the previous one.

Lots of build-in functions

nBuildKit provides functions for restoring packages from NuGet and NPM, updating AssemblyInfo files, gathering version numbers and release notes, generating files, building Visual Studio solutions, excuting unit tests with NUnit and VsTest, executing FxCop code analysis, performing IL merging, creating NuGet packages and ZIP archives. And all that during the build process.

Additionally nBuildKit provides many functions for more comprehensive testing and deployment

Easy to extend

Because you'll have to extend your build scripts at some point